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It is time to clean up our waters!
Spring 2019
"Waterfront Architectures"

Tutor: Roberto Requejo Belette
Designed for the Bangkok’s specific subtropical climate where Industrialization took a back seat to sustainability.

The main goal is to give back to the community it lies on by redistributing purified water back to the agricultural sites. By taking an abstract modular approach allows for a functional response to the proposed site.
Collages 4.jpg
Speculative Composite Collages
The “pod typology” widely adopted as derived from the composites allows for more flexibility and variety of spaces to be designed.

Some options are rotating, spinning pods or partitioned zones so that the sphere’s linear form is not compromised.

We use kinetic and hydraulic energy to split the fresh and ground water.

However, these protoypes can only operate when the tide is high enough.

It also has another option:
the water can to travel through narrow spaces to enter the main tank, this is a method of weeding out
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