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Residential Solutions to Neglected Detroit Infrastructure
The existing building has a brick facade that we have left untouched but will restore in areas of damage. The new building responds to the repetitive brick pattern in the form of aluminum fins. The project plays on the same same but different concept by having a lighter material to contrast the older brick material. The aluminum fins are coloured in a variety of bright colors that respond to the large stained glass roof, which responds to the church's once, stained glass window where we have drawn our atrium space. The motif of colours runs strong throughout the project tie the building together but also working to brighten up the space with children and amenities children being the main priority. 
Fall 2022

Tutor: Laura Peterson + Charlie O' Geen
Team: Douglas Tsui + Sicong Zhang
  Adaptive Reuse Strategy

Same Same but Different” is an inter-generational, multifamily housing project that looks at combining the individuality of single multi-family homes with the compact amenities of an urban village. The project is split into two distinct residential blocks – one adaptive reuse of the existing school onsite and one new build – that respond to each other with a connecting element that bisects.
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