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wanderlust can be addictive.


This is a safe space for anyone who loves travel, photography or just plain old aimless- scrolling.

wittle bit about me:

I am a confused yet curious child in a university going 18 year old's body. Originally a home body, I was always cooped up in the corner of a room opposite glaring laptop screen strategically placed for optimal viewing. My new-found spontaneity was a leap out of my comfort zone. I learnt that you don’t understand the purpose of “carpe diem”AND "rapid addiction" until you travel alone for the first time. And with that profound realization, I start my journey.


*This blurb (not a blog because I cannot write to save my life) is going to be a recollection of all the times that I have taken on the avatar of my more spontaneous alter-ego.

P.S. I often do not understand the concept of "less is more" so please bear with me

*Please enjoy an image of my foot during a nice stroll

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